Winter came and left again. We've had ice, we've had snow, we've had storms and I preferred to stay indoors playing with fire and little zombies.

In the meantime, I have been working hard for my unpaid jobs with the Dutch Association for the Study of Pleistocene Mammals (WPZ), which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with its own WPZ University! And taking the next steps with 3voor12 Leiden. Our first interview was published in LOS Magazine and can be read here, on page 23.

To celebrate spring, I took my camera, and daughter, to Blijdorp Zoo and saw all the cute newborns, including a baby rhino! A selection of pictures has been added in the Fauna album here on my website.

Well hello there. I am back!
My website was offline for the past month due to some technical issues. But I am back online, with a little help from my friends. So, what happened since my last blog post?

I went on an assignment to take portret pictures of pregnant ladies. It was a nice new experience, which I hope to practice more often. Thinking of my own pregnancy in 2015, how I felt and all the changes your body goes through (which do not necessarily make you feel pretty), helped me to make the women feel comfortable with themselves and the camera.

Of course, December was filled with the usual holiday celebrations. I took some quality time off with my family, in a cabin in the woods. And we had a great celebration of our daughter's first birthday, with a beautiful Miffy cake!

Last but not least, I have been working on a new project; a startup for 3voor12 Leiden! During my days as a photographer with 3voor12 Den Haag, I found the need for Leiden's own platform and editors. Today, the first writers and photographers are aboard, a webdomain bought and a more detailed plan (along with funding opportunities) is in the making. I am siked! And ready for 2017!

A sunday evening in November, international postrock in P60, with pg.lost from Sweden, Alcest from France and MONO from Japan. The pictures, published here on the P60 Facebook page, tell the rest. Or you can read a nice review about the evening on Written in Music.

Not every couple in love gets married, and some of them sign a registered partnership, which feels as secretly getting married though. That is when this couple asked me to take pictures during the day. They are prove they are in love, registered partners with a small gathering of family and friends as witnesses, and exchanging rings symbolising their union. It is always fun to combine interests especially when there are motorcycles involved.

Photo album Celebrations

I have to admit I had never heard of ZEUS before. Seeing the famous Dutch name Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (I too am a fan of his work) as one of its members, my attention is drawn. Listening to their latest single, I signed up for the photo assignment in P60. Preparing for last night, I found out that my first evening with this band was also going to be my last, as this was their second to last show ever. Playing their music and reading about their influences, I do not get why I had never heard of them before. Now, all we have left are the pictures... which are published here on the P60 Facebook page.

Last Thursday, it was for the first time in a very long time I went to see a band in the P60, Amstelveen. I had seen Birth of Joy before, long ago, but they have grown a lot as a band and taking their pictures was a nice challenge and lots of fun. P60 uploaded all of them in a Facebook album. RTVA published a review using some of my pictures, which you can read following this link.

April 9th of this year, I was invited to attend and take pictures of my friends' wedding at Scheveningen beach. It was a special ceremony during which the bride (from Colombia) gave her speech in Dutch, while the Dutch broom gave his in Spanish. I have just uploaded a selection of their wedding pictures to my album Weddings, under Life Events. Here, you will also find my pictures from three previous weddings. The picture above was taken at the start of the bride's bachelorette party (surprise succeeded).

I always take some time to process the pictures, share them with the married couple and make a selection for my website. Some ask for me to document the entire day starting at make up, while others only request pictures of the ceremony and a photoshoot. Last week, I photographed a wedding in Amsterdam of which pictures will soon be published here. Today I will attend yet another wedding! Love is in the air, and in my lens. So visit my website again soon for new lovely shots.

- Photo album Weddings

So, as I wrote in my blog post last month, Samothrace was touring Europe. And as it happened, on May 18, they played my old hometown Leiden! Who would have guessed? Of course I had to see them again, and document this show too. It was a very special and emotional evening, on the one side because they played my old hometown and I was joined by a lot of friends, but on the other side because Samothrace's dear old friend Adrian J. Guerra (Bell Witch) passed away very sudden the night before. His memory was felt and celebrated throughout their set. I can still feel it looking at the pictures I took that evening.

- Photo Album Samothrace
- Website Samothrace

On May 21st, the Leidse Hout in Leiden was filled with sunshine and positive vibes for SummerJazz 2016. This festival is like an open air living room for friends and families, enjoying poppy jazz music and theater, while eating and drinking in the park. The weather was also great, in between several lesser days. And we enjoyed providing our daughter with her first music festival experience. Of course I brought my camera and made several pictures of both artists and atmosphere. The organisation has published a selection online, and so have I.

- SummerJazz Facebook photo album
- Personal Facebook photo album

They're back! My dear friends from the US, Samothrace, just finished a two-week UK tour and are on their way to mainland Europe as I am writing this blog post. With my little family, I took the opportunity to see them perform in the Chameleon in Nottingham, where we stayed with some friends while on a short UK tour of our own. This time Monte Mccleery played bass guitar and he seems a good fit.

- Photo Album Samothrace
- Website Samothrace

My first photo assignment as a mom and I chose Monomyth as subject, Paradiso as venue. The release show of their third album EXO, the final part of an epic trilogy, took me on a trip I was longing to take for some time. Forgetting my new status, my troubles, my thoughts. Enjoying the gentle trance of Monomyth's kraut-, (outer)space-, and stonerrock. The pictures have now been added to the band's album.

- Photo Album Monomyth
- Website Monomyth


My life changed, on 30 November 2015, when I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Inlé Frith. Named after the Lapine terms for the moon and the sun in Watership Down. Now she is 2 months, and challenging me to take the best pictures of all her new and funny facial expressions. These are the last weeks of my maternity leave, and I am preparing for an active year in photography and palaeontology. So keep following my blog for old and new photography challenges to be published.

From 10 - 13 September 2015, I co-organised, as a Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren board member, and photographed the 21st International Cave Bear Symposium, held at Faculty of Archaeology - Leiden University, Museum Historyland and Natural History Museum Rotterdam (Netherlands). Almost 100 participants from all over the world gathered to present and discuss new research on fossils from cave bears and other large predators. The programme also included a field trip to those fishermen who find Pleistocene fossils in their fishing nets, and the beach to do some fossil searching ourselves. Browse the Flickr photo album here

It has been a while, but from 25 until 30 March this year I visited Budapest for the first time. The main goal of the trip was a project meeting for Discover Peace in Europe. This EU funded project developed peace trails in 7 European cities, focussing on less known peace historical sites. During my time here, I discovered the beautiful city of Budapest. Browse the photo album here.

I also brought a lomo camera with me one this trip and took some analogue pictures. Check my lomography page for the result.

18 March, I went to Hague venue Paard van Troje to photograph Fiction Plane (yes, that band in which Sting's son sings and plays bass). Supporting them on this European tour are the Hague boys from Atlantic Attraction. Both indie rock bands surprised the audience with some solid good songs with intense guitar play. Read the full article here.

- Website Fiction Plane

Hague post-/kraut-/spacerockers Monomyth played the new Gebr. de Nobel venue in Leiden last Thursday, 12 February. It was chummy, but not sold out at the small stage. The band clearly enjoyed their tight show as much as the audience did. The photo report was published here.

- Photo Album Monomyth
- Website Monomyth

De Versafdeling at music venue De SuperMarkt in The Hague (which is closed forever since 1 January) was the place to be for new musical talent from The Hague and surroundings, to show the audience their best stuff. 3VOOR12/Den Haag covered those evenings with reports on its website, and I was at the final (XL) edition for some pictures. Read the full article here.

One of the bands that evening was Medicine Jet: "A psylectrodelic rock 'n roll band born in the Hague, ready to fly out and bomb the universe with exploding pills of ground-pounding psychedelica, accompanied by comfortable melodies and thundering grooves". Because the band also was December's 3voor12/Den Haag Selecteert Act, I met the guys during the daytime for a fotoshoot in the Palace Garden of The Hague. Read the full article here.

Website Medicine Jet

It has become a tradition at 3VOOR12/Den Haag at the end of each year to organise special sessions with interviews, photoshoots and video recordings. Last year's most controversial, successful and remarkable acts from the region are being brought together for one day at a special location.

This year, the sixth edition took place in the closing venue SuperMarkt. I enjoyed doing a photoshoot with Hague musicians JARA, but even more so with stoner/krautrockers Monomyth.

- 2014 New Year Session JARA
- 2014 New Year Session Monomyth
Website Monomyth

I am participating as photographer in the Dutch project Leraren van Nederland (Teachers of The Netherlands).

This is Carmel de Groot at the Leonardo da Vinci school in Leiden.

The goal of the project is to take portraits of 1% of all teachers in The Netherlands, as an ode to this beautiful old profession. With the project we share the stories of those man and woman getting up every morning to teach our children and making the best of it.

- Project Website