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International Cave Bear Symposium 2015

From 10 - 13 September 2015, I co-organised, as a Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren board member, and photographed the 21st International Cave Bear Symposium, held at Faculty of Archaeology - Leiden University, Museum Historyland and Natural History Museum Rotterdam (Netherlands). Almost 100 participants from all over the world gathered to present and discuss new research on fossils from cave bears and other large predators. The programme also included a field trip to those fishermen who find Pleistocene fossils in their fishing nets, and the beach to do some fossil searching ourselves. Browse the Flickr photo album here

  • Discovering Budapest

    It has been a while, but from 25 until 30 March this year I visited Budapest for the first time. The main goal of the trip was a project meeting for Discover Peace in Europe. This EU funded project developed peace trails in 7 European cities, focussing…


    My life changed, on 30 November 2015, when I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Inlé Frith. Named after the Lapine terms for the moon and the sun in Watership Down. Now she is 2 months, and challenging me to take the best pictures of all her new and…