Images of Life, Death and Everything In-between
© Nike Liscaljet

Popronde Almere 2012

National travelling free music festival Popronde was in my old home town, Almere, on 6 October 2012. During this evening, some 25 acts performed in venues, bars, theatres, record stores and clubs. I joined the local 3VOOR12-team and walked across town to capture some of the music talents on my camera. This resulted in online reviews of the following acts:
- Dyzack
- John Coffey
- Mister and Mississippi
- Angela Moyra
- Sir Nilsson
- The Brave

Metal with Textures and I Chaos

On 27 September, Hague metal band I Chaos was support act for famous Dutch metal band Textures in Paard in The Hague. Textures already completed four albums and toured the USA last year. Their show included circle pits, headbanging and a wall of death. In their twilight we find I Chaos, delivering a good warming up for the crowd while playing songs of their debut album. Read the full article here.

- I Chaos at NK Grunten
- Photo Album I Chaos
- Website I Chaos
- Photo Album Textures
- Website Textures

Passages in the Spotlight

September 2012, Passages was a 'The Hague Selects' act, a 3VOOR12/Den Haag thing to promote local artists. I did a photoshoot with the band, while colleagues filmed and interviewed them. Passages was still in the early stages of its musical career, and enjoyed all the extra attention. Read the full article here. Watch a photo report of their performance, together with Smokin' Cadillac and When Logic Fails in Versafdeling 1, in De SuperMarkt, The Hague, here.

- Website Passages