National travelling free music festival Popronde returned to my home town, Leiden, on 30 October 2014. During this evening, some 30 acts performed in small venues, bars and record stores. I visited some of them to capture these new talents on my camera. Read the complete article here.

I am participating as photographer in the Dutch project Leraren van Nederland (Teachers of The Netherlands).

This is Paulien van der Kruijf at Marecollege in Leiden.

The goal of the project is to take portraits of 1% of all teachers in The Netherlands, as an ode to this beautiful old profession. With the project we share the stories of those man and woman getting up every morning to teach our children and making the best of it.

- Project Website
- News item in Dutch regional newspapers

Werfpop is one of the larger Dutch free music festivals, established in 1982. Since 2002, it is located in park Leidse Hout, in Leiden.

On 20 July, the 33rd edition of Werfpop took place. With over 25.000 visitors, young and old, family and friends, the party is getting bigger and the location is getting too small again. This year's headliners were Soulfly, The Opposites and my favourite The Slackers. My contributions can be viewed in the following articles:

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One week every july, The Hague Zeeheldenbuurt transforms into one big neighbourhood party, the Zeeheldenfestival.

This year between 2 and 6 July, local and international artists such as Murga Agrum, The Dirty Reminders and Life 'n Times brought their music to celebrate this summer fest. Read the full article here.

On 9 May, Katatonia honoured the P60 with an acoustic set of their discography. The setting and pictures show an intimate evening that could have lasted many more hours if it was up to the audience.

- Website Katatonia

On 5 March I went to The Hague to photograph and experience Trentemøller live. A nice warming up was given by support act T.O.M. and his Computer. After a rather fast conversion of the stage, Tom only had to remove his laptop, Anders Trentemøller and his band played a fantastic set of heavy experimental soundscapes. Read the full article here.

- Website Trentemøller

Winterfest in The Hague Pop Centre is described as the remedy for the cold festival-less winter months. All stages and band practice rooms in HPC are used and performances lie between refined practice sessions and full concerts.

The sixth edition counted almost 60 acts playing diverse music such as blues, pop, rock, metal, and hardcore. Half an hour was much too short for the atmospheric black metal of Murw. My Conviction deserved a larger audience with a mosh pit. And a nice, welcome surprise was the sleazerock from Speakerpunch. My contributions can be viewed in the following articles:

- Winterfest part 1
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It has become a tradition at 3VOOR12/Den Haag at the end of each year to organise special sessions with interviews, photoshoots and video recordings. Last year's most controversial, successful and remarkable acts from the region are being brought together for one day at a special location. This year, the fifth edition took place in Hilton Hotel The Hague: Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. I enjoyed doing a photoshoot with Hague hip hop artist Filosofische Stilte (read the full article here).

- All New Year Sessions 2013
- Best of 3VOOR12/Den Haag pictures 2013
- Website Filosofische Stilte

Sixties on steroids - influenced by bands such as The Doors and Pink Floyd, this trio with organ, bass, guitar and powerful vocals brings old psychedelic blues and rock & roll back to life, and around the world. During their final show before the closing down of the LVC in Leiden, 3VOOR12/Den Haag sat with them to ask them about their experiences and touring plans. Read the complete interview here.

- Website Birth of Joy

Crossing Border combines literature with music and spoken word, from the biggest names to undiscovered writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and artists. The festival has evolved into one of the foremost international, interdisciplinary literature and music festivals in Europe with performances occurring simultaneously on several indoor stages.

On 16 November 2013, Crossing Border was in The Hague and 3VOOR12 organised live reports. View my contributions in the following articles:
- Tom Hickox
- Nico Dijkshoorn & Ocobar
- Puur Gelul
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Music venue LVC (Leids VrijetijdsCentrum) in Leiden closed down. 31 August was the final evening with live performances of several local and national known bands, to celebrate the end of an era. With 3VOOR12/Den Haag, we interviewed the LVC volunteers and audience. Read the full article here.

Werfpop is one of the larger Dutch free music festivals, established in 1982. Since 2002, it is located in park Leidse Hout, in Leiden.

This year, the headliners were Suicidal Tendencies, Goose, and Postmen. My personal favourite was John Coffey, where part of the audience started a massive jump rope before the wall of death. My contributions can be viewed in the following articles:

- Werfpop Midday
- Werfpop Evening
- Werfpop Ambience
- Photo Album John Coffey

On 16 June 2013, Finvarra launched its debut album in the Qbus in Leiden. The band plays Celtic music with an interesting mix of balkan influences. They know how to perform live and even get the sunday afternoon crowd to dance. Read the full article here.

- Website Finvarra

On 30 May 2013, Jon Tarifa launched his debut album Free To Be in a crowded SuperMarkt in The Hague. The evening involved many guest appearances, dancing and laughing. You can read the full article here. And read an interview about his international music career and new album here.

The sixth edition of the Dutch national championship grunting counted thirteen participants, among which where two women. The first round was a cappella grunting, and the second with a band. Mike van den Heuvel won the much coveted blood goblet. Hague metal bands Face Meets Concrete and I Chaos performed as well. Read the full article here.

5 Years after the discovery of Seattle's blues-based heavy doom band Samothrace, performing in some underground club in New York, I met Bryan Spinks, Renata Castagna, Joe Axler and Dylan Desmond at Puntpop 2013 in Belgium. Samothrace was, accompanied by Bell Witch (Dylan Desmond and Adrian Guerra), on their first ever European tour! A few days later they played in the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. I love these guys, their music and band name, I hope you love the photos I made too.

- Photo Album Samothrace
- Website Samothrace
Photo Album Bell Witch
Website Bell Witch