Kaderock is the biggest smallest festival in The Netherlands. It has one small hall for 200 people and one larger stage outside, where artists play pop, rock, blues, hip hop, metal and electro.

The 17th edition took place on 2 June 2012, with local bands such as Gruppo Sportivo, R.A.M., Soul Sister Dance Revolution, The Quill (from Sweden), and Unceen Perception. My (nameless) contributions can be viewed in the following articles:

- Kaderock Midday
- Kaderock Evening
Kaderock Popgroup Olympics

Monday evening, 23 April, in quiet Leiden, Scott Kelly and his support act Oldseed played in LVC to honour country and folk singer Townes van Zandt, who died 15 years ago. The show is unique, intimate, and teaches the small audience a lot about this relatively unknown but influential storyteller. Read the full article here.

- Photo Album Scott Kelly
- Website Scott Kelly
- Website Townes van Zandt
Website Oldseed

On 6 April 2012, I was positively surprised in 330Live, in the former small basement of Cafe Cremers. Dead Neanderthals produced these incredible doomjazz grindcore melodies with their minimalist setting (just one guy caveman drumming and another with a bariton sax). In contrast, Neptune played slightly punk, minimalist electro on their many wooden and iron instruments. I have been a fan of Dead Neanderthals ever since. Their name was a first hint! Read the full article here.

New musical talent from The Hague and surroundings gets the opportunity to show the audience their best stuff during De Versafdeling at music venue De SuperMarkt in The Hague. 3VOOR12/Den Haag covers those evenings with reports on its website.

On 8 February 2012, the ninth edition offered a stage to Cookie & The Crunch, Johnny's Landing and The Young Souls. I was there as a photographer. For the complete article, click here.

Last year, at the ninth edition of New Year New Beer, Almere's friendly neighbourhood punkers of Gandhi's Revenge said farewell to their fans. But the fans asked for one more new year party with the band. On 28 January, the tenth anniversary of New Year New Beer Festival Edition, organised by Cultureel Management Liscaljet was a fact. 10 Bands, 2 stages and a unique reunion of Gandhi's Revenge.