Images of Life, Death and Everything In-between
© Nike Liscaljet

NK Grunten 2013

The sixth edition of the Dutch national championship grunting counted thirteen participants, among which where two women. The first round was a cappella grunting, and the second with a band. Mike van den Heuvel won the much coveted blood goblet. Hague metal bands Face Meets Concrete and I Chaos performed as well. Read the full article here.

Samothrace and Bell Witch First European Tour

5 Years after the discovery of Seattle's blues-based heavy doom band Samothrace, performing in some underground club in New York, I met Bryan Spinks, Renata Castagna, Joe Axler and Dylan Desmond at Puntpop 2013 in Belgium. Samothrace was, accompanied by Bell Witch (Dylan Desmond and Adrian Guerra), on their first ever European tour! A few days later they played in the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. I love these guys, their music and band name, I hope you love the photos I made too.

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Photo Album Bell Witch
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Life I Live 2013

On 29 April The Hague transformed into a large music festival with some 30 Dutch bands playing on several stages in the city centre. The age and experience of the artists ranged from one to many years. As it is the day before Queens Day, many visitors arrived dressed in red-white-blue and orange. My contributions for 3VOOR12/Den Haag can be viewed in the following articles:
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