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Birth of Joy

Sixties on steroids - influenced by bands such as The Doors and Pink Floyd, this trio with organ, bass, guitar and powerful vocals brings old psychedelic blues and rock & roll back to life, and around the world. During their final show before the closing down of the LVC in Leiden, 3VOOR12/Den Haag sat with them to ask them about their experiences and touring plans. Read the complete interview here.

- Website Birth of Joy

Venue LVC Closes Down

Music venue LVC (Leids VrijetijdsCentrum) in Leiden closed down. 31 August was the final evening with live performances of several local and national known bands, to celebrate the end of an era. With 3VOOR12/Den Haag, we interviewed the LVC volunteers and audience. Read the full article here.

Doomsday Celebration

With the closing down of the LVC approaching later in 2013 (read more here), the Leiden metal scene wanted one last party to celebrate the existence of this venue. On 15 March the photo gallery Langharige Mannen opened in the attic, and Snowburner, Maid of Iron, Bliksem and Vanderbuyst got the crowd headbanging one last time. Read the full article here

Scott Kelly plays Townes van Zandt

Monday evening, 23 April, in quiet Leiden, Scott Kelly and his support act Oldseed played in LVC to honour country and folk singer Townes van Zandt, who died 15 years ago. The show is unique, intimate, and teaches the small audience a lot about this relatively unknown but influential storyteller. Read the full article here.

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